15 July 2015

How to Lose Jobs & Alienate Girlfriends – 4 STAR REVIEW FOR MET GRADUATE’S FIRST FEATURE FILM

By Jonny Persey | Categorised in News, Film Festival Diary, Student Stories, CEO Blog

I spoke this afternoon with Thomas Meadmore, graduate of our Six-Month Screenwriting part-time programme, whose first feature film, How to Lose Jobs & Alienate Girlfriends screens tomorrow evening at the Genesis Cinema. “The film,” says Thomas, “is a microcosmic look at how to get over the fear of starting something creative as well as being a zeitgeist of the modern selfie culture. Total Film have given it a 4 STAR review, and it’s getting a lot of buzz. It is a must-see for any aspiring filmmaker, as it explores the relationship between filmmaking and its subject.

“I learnt so much when making this film – it was the single most difficult project that I have ever worked on but at the same time it taught me everything about how not to make a film. The practical lessons informed how to tell a narrative story, especially when looking at the final edit. I had experience working in the industry; editing for Lonely Planet, TV series for the Discovery Channel and National Geographic and I decided on a course at Met Film School to take the next step and make the film that I wanted to make.How to lose jobs and alienate girlfriends poster

“Met Film School was what gave me the support I needed to see this film through to the end journey – my tutor (Philippe Longchampe) taught me about subtext, overall story telling techniques and the tools that I needed to really structure the film.”

I checked in with a proud Philippe who said of the film, that it is a “heartfelt, very personal, lively film – full of human truth and relationships.”

The film follows the ambitions of two aspiring musicians, and the film maker who destroys his relationships with them by telling them what he really thinks of them. Take a look at the film’s website or the Facebook page.

Thomas has kindly kept aside 20 half-price tickets for Met Film School students and alumni – if you’d like to go see the film at the Genesis Cinema at 9pm on Thursday (16th July) for £5 instead of £10, please email Thomas as soon as you can – the tickets are first come, first served. You have to email with your name and phone number. Tickets are limited so please only email if you are definitely coming!


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