20 June 2015

Another Exciting Week at Met Film School

By Jonny Persey | Categorised in News, Events at Met Film School, Met Competitions

Last week, Met BA student Eric Huergo’s commercial, “Journeys,” for shoe shop Office won the Best Editing award at the annual Nahemi/Kodak Commercial Awards. Exciting news, and the first time a Met Film School commercial has won that prestigious honour. But he was not the only prize winner this week.

The Imaginarium ran an exclusive competition this month for Met Film School students and graduates to pitch to make “an imaginative film that imagines the Imaginarium.” 70 people in 31 teams sent in treatments, 12 of whom were selected to pitch their ideas to a panel including the Imaginarium CEO Tony Orsten, producer Phil Robertson, and Plus1Digital’s Karen Lane. 4 winning pitches were awarded the opportunity to make their films with production costs and support covered by The Imaginarium, one of which includes a leading role for Andy Serkis. I’m delighted to let you know that the winning teams were BA student, Joanne Williamson; BA student, Leoni Tenius; MA Business & Producing student, Saira Arian; and One Year Practical Filmmaking graduates, Fredrik Gustafsson & Robin Samson. Congratulations to all of you – we are incredibly excited to see what you create.

The following day, capping off an exciting week for Met GO, 17 students and graduates were involved in shooting the annual London Founders Forum conference on Thursday – this is the second year Met GO has won this commission, filming a busy and exciting huddle of the world’s top digital and tech entrepreneurs.


Finally, I’m really excited to be interviewing Scott Burns at a Met GO “in conversation” event on Monday evening. Scott has written the dramatic adaptation of Met Film’s award winning documentary, Deep Water, which James Marsh is currently shooting, starring Colin Firth and Rachel Weisz. Over the last couple of years, I’ve got to know Scott very well and I can promise you this will be a fascinating journey into the mind of an incredible writer with experience in the heart of Hollywood (The Bourne Ultimatum, for example), and in the independent movement (Soderbergh’sContagion and the Deep Water adaptation to name but a few). He’s also a man with a deep conscience as his enabling involvement as producer of An Inconvenient Truth demonstrates.

Enter our prize draw!

Met Film School is delighted to be running a prize draw to win one of two pairs of tickets to come to this event at 5.30pm on Monday this week at Met Film School, which is otherwise exclusively for Met Film School students. To win please email rsvp@metfilm.co.uk with the words Scott Burns and your phone number in the subject line of the email by 12pm on Monday. We will let you know if you have won 1pm.




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