17 June 2015

5 films to see at Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015

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The world-renowned Edinburgh International Film Festival is opening tonight, bringing a fortnight of film premieres, industry talks and sessions for film students as well as gatherings for like-minded film fans from across the globe.  The only place for filmmakers to be this month, we highlighted the films that should not be missed at the fest:


The World Premiere of Robert Carlyle’s directorial debut feature, The Legend of Barney Thomson tells the tale of Barney (Robert Carlyle), a hapless barber completely devoid of charm. His mediocre, mundane life of plotting for a way up is about to be transformed, when he inadvertently stumbles into serial murder, and with it headlong into the trail of a grotesque series of killings gripping Glasgow.  As he makes ham-fisted attempts to cover his tracks, he finds himself on the run from the bearish Detective Inspector Holdall (Ray Winstone) and a testosterone-driven local Police task force at each others throats over the ongoing crimes. With his sanity threatening to unravel, Barney fatefully turns to his domineering, emasculating mother, the formidable Glaswegian ‘good-time girl’, Cemolina (Emma Thompson). There’s no turning back now and the path that lies ahead for Barney may yet be littered with more murderous consequences than he could have ever anticipated.


2. AMY

This hotly tipped documentary film depicts the life and death of British singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse, directed by Asif Kapadia, gets it’s UK Premiere at the festival.  A tender look at Amy’s life features never-before seen footage of Amy when she was starting out all the way through to her ascent to musical legend.  A film about family and media, fame, addiction, it captures the very heart of what she was about, an amazing cultural icon and a true musical genius.



Who can resist a visually beautiful comedy featuring vampires?  In this German feature film, Count Geza von Közsnöm, bored of spending eternity with his current wife, seeks assistance from Dr Sigmund Freud with hilarious outcomes.  Film students will love the unique aesthetic of the film, and the strong ensemble cast further pushes it into cult status.



Typically, Peter Mullan delivers a perfectly pitched performance as affable homeless pensioner Hector McAdam, in this captivating study of a man with a tragic past.  For years Hec has wandered between motorway service stations, sleeping under bridges, and living on handouts; however, when his past life starts to catch up with him, the reasons for his self-imposed exile become clear. Ably supported by a strong cast including Gina McKee, Keith Allen and Stephen Tomkinson, Mullan transforms this gentle observational drama into a sympathetic and enlightened study of human frailty.  Watch the trailer here.



Young Irish actor Robert Sheehan (who featured in cult TV series Misfits) shows off his burgeoning film star potential in this chilling and thrilling new British film as a man who can see dead people and tries to help them. In the pub he appears a tortured soul, rambling away to himself…but the dead just won’t leave him alone as they ask him to help with their unfinished business. This impressive supernatural thriller also stars Lily Cole and Tamzin Merchant.

For details of screenings during the Edinburgh Film Festival, visit their website.


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