29 April 2015

Met Film School Graduate’s Short Film to Screen at NYC International Film Festival

By Danny Kelly | Categorised in News, Film Festival Diary

We are pleased to announce this week that Elyssa Winn – a graduate of our One-Year Practical Filmmaking course – has had a short film she created during her time at Met accepted into the 2015 New York City International Film Festival.

STELLA’ follows the transgender star of an 80s one-hit wonder that desperately wants to reclaim her fame, regardless of the potential damaging side effects. The musical film’s tone stems heavily from Elyssa’s own mixture of Russian and British upbringing; the result being a hybridity of themes she feels ranges from loss and frustration to familiar black humour, sarcasm and self-depreciation.

In creating the film, Elyssa set up her own production group Painted Pepper Films, who she explains have a focus to “give musicals and music videos a modern day twist and use as much colour and vibrancy as possible.” It seems that this mission statement has been achieved to full effect in what it appears to be a bright and fantastically gaudy film.

stella film production

When recently discussing the making of STELLA with Elyssa, she also emphasised drawing particular influence from 80’s pop culture, particularly the music of Soft Cell, Duran Duran and Dead or Alive. The only drawback, she explains, has been that the inspired main theme song of the film, entitled ‘Flamingo Go’, has “continued to haunt my crew for the past 6 months.”

STELLA will be screened at the Producers Club in New York on Monday 4th May. We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Elyssa and her team and wish them the best of luck in their next project.

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