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27 March 2015

#MetComedyChallenge – Top Tips for Making us Laugh

By Danny Kelly | Categorised in News

You may have seen that we have decided to improve our #MetComedyChallenge competition, making it easier to enter and win a chance to study here at Met Film School.

All you have to do is:

  1. Create a short film (no longer than 1 minute in length) designed to make us laugh. It can be anything that you think is funny!
  2. Tweet us the video or a link to the video (@MetFilmSchool) including the hashtag: #MetComedyChallenge
  3. Enter by 15th April for your chance to win.

The winner will receive £10,000 worth of course vouchers to study here at Met! This means you could study on our Six-Month Practical Filmmaking course!

To help you get started with your video, we have decided to give you some things to bear in mind for making us laugh!

  1. What’s your tone?
    Comedy is a vast genre made up of many strands, all with different desired effects. What makes something ‘funny’ may be highly subjective, but it’s still important to work out your tone. Do you like your comedy slapstick and silly? Perhaps you’re a fan of physical comedy? Do you enjoy revelling in awkward humour with ill-fated characters? Does satirical material make you laugh? We suggest listing your favourite shows and comedians and see if any common strands appear that you can use.
  2. Content
    The beauty of this competition is that your video can feature literally anything – just make sure it fits within a minute. Also remember that you are trying to make other people laugh, so think about universal things that others can relate to. The more imaginative the better! You could also think about topical news and events and then try spinning them into something funny. For example, imagine you are the leader of a fake political party and you are delivering your ‘message’ in time for the General Election. If you are really stuck for an original idea, show off your cultural knowledge and recreate one of your favourite comedy moments.
  3. Further Possible Ideas
    – Create a parody of a commercial or a different genre of television such as a cookery program or talk show.
    – Show us why you hate Monday mornings.
    – An awkward ‘water cooler moment’ sketch.
    – A fake film trailer.
    – Go Meta and make a video of you trying to make a good competition submission (and potentially failing?)
    – Film a daydream that you often find yourself having.
    – The perils of eating one Easter egg too many.
  4. Existing Inspiration
    Some of the best comedy shows out there have garnered huge success from very modest production value, showing that sometimes just a witty idea and some good dialogue can go a long way. British productions such as Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, Peep Show, The Office and I’m Alan Partridge all achieved a lot with low budgets, accessible shooting locations and a touch of originality. Of course you can’t create an entire show in 60 seconds, but think about some of your favourite isolated scenes from these shows and work out how you could make your own. The Channel 4 hidden camera/practical joke show Trigger Happy TV may be particularly inspiring, comprising of short clips, filmed in London, that play on the subversion of familiar British tropes – often to an absurd effect. Just try not to anger any members of the general public…
  5. Don’t Overthink
    We know that there are so many things you could include in your clip, but as for the video itself – don’t panic over it! We are not looking for you to prove you’re the next Edgar Wight in 60 seconds. It doesn’t need to look too flash or be intricately cut. If you want to include a few different shots, that’s fine! If you want to film one long take, that’s fine too! You don’t even have to use all of the available seconds. The point is you have fun with it and that you make something that will make us laugh. Luckily for you, we’re easily impressed. Good Luck!


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