12 March 2015

Met Student shines at Liverpool Lift-off Festival!

By Cassio | Categorised in News

As Liverpool Lift-off Festival kicks off today, we celebrate another student success on the film festival circuit!


Another Green World won a special mention at the London Lift-Off Film Festival in late 2014, with an official selection invite to screen at their festival in Liverpool happening this weekend. Christina graduated from our Six-Month Practical Filmmaking course and went on to found London-based production company Bad Baby Productions. Another special selection at Lift-Off’s London event was also a Met grad, namely BA (Hons) Practical Filmmakinggraduate Jonathan Schey’s with his short film I Wanna Be Happy Cha Cha Cha.


Another Green World at London Lift-Off Festival, 2014


Liverpool Lift-off Festival, part of the Lift-off International Film Festival network, is fast becoming a key attraction for film fans and students across the UK.


Extra fun highlights at the festival include Paul Griffin’s documentary on his grandfather, entitled Francis B. Griffin, which was recently featured by Sky News. They are also also proud to show Zoe Guilford’s film ‘Him Upstairs’ and Ged Hunter & Dave Hart’s film ‘A Complicated Way to Live’ which deal with the theme of mental health issues.  Lift-Off strives to engage their audience with content which is humourous, touching, thought-evoking and honest.  Check out their website here.



Looking to improve your practical filmmaking skills? Find out more about our programmes from the 2015 prospectus (request a free one here) or our facebook page.


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