Noel Clarke
8 January 2015

Noel Clarke: How I launched my career in filmmaking

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Noel Clarke is an extraordinary filmmaking talent who has written, produced, directed and acted in numerous independent and Hollywood films. Starting his career in UK TV he launched his feature film acting career in urban social drama Kidulthood.

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Noel visited Met Film School and provided a filmmaking masterclass where he shared his top tips for independent filmmakers. Here’s what he told us in his own words:

  1. Look at where your talent lies: I can’t tell people which avenue to go down but I would say that you should 100% be ambitious and you should aim to over- achieve in any field that you want to work within.
  2. Stretch your budget. I have a saying when I start a project that I “need to make my £5 look like £30.” Be ambitious with your resources and really try to do things that people haven’t done before at your budget level because that’s how you’ll get attention.
  3. Think inside the box. It sounds strange, but when you start thinking about what has been done within your story or genre beforehand, you can think about how to break the mould and think “outside the box.” Always aim to create something new and different with your first feature.
  4. Choose your role within the film and get a strong crew around you. I haven’t encompassed all the filmmaking roles for one single film- with The Anomaly I didn’t write it so I was able to focus my energy on directing and acting. It’s important that you have a strong vision and the rest of the team share in it, and you can support each other with every step of the way.
  5. Watch as many different films as you can. I am inspired by so many different films. I can watch a film that isn’t something that I am really into, but I’ll see a shot in it or a moment that speaks to me. I am constantly inspired by filmmaking.

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Want to hear more from Noel?  Check out our masterclass recap video:

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