15 January 2015

You are a brand: Why filmmakers need to embrace branding to survive

By Cassio | Categorised in News

In my capacity as Chief Executive of Met Film and producer of feature films and documentaries, I am often asked to explain what it is that producers actually do.  What is their role within this exciting industry and what skillset do you need to have in order to succeed?


Our Chief Operating Officer, Neil Peplow, is featured in a recent article byThe Guardian which discusses how the role of producer has altered due to changes in technology and with the saturation of markets. Content can be produced quickly, cheaply, easily and on a variety of platforms which offers a wealth of opportunities, but only if you embrace a new way of thinking.




“Thanks to crowdfunding and social media, producers now have the ability to reach their audience directly, without the permission of a studio, production company or distributor. This is where entrepreneurial spirit is a welcome addition to marketing know-how.” Neil argues. He also highlights the role of branding in an era when filmmakers have to consider who their audience is and how they can start to engage with them.


“If you’re stuck on how to answer these questions, take a look at the skillset required of a marketer and then add some entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen, a large helping of confidence and, above all, creativity,”  Neil adds. “It will take perseverance and a passion for making great content to cut through the market, but once you’ve done it, the rewards are yours for the taking.”


Read the full article here.

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