Reese Witherspoon
8 January 2015

Want to work as an actor? Advice from Reese Witherspoon

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Wild released Jan 2015,  is based on the uplifting true story of Cheryl Strayed, a grieving recent divorcee, who decided to walk the 1000 mile Pacific West Trial from the Mexican Border to the ‘Bridge of the Gods’ in Canada. Reese is stripped down in this powerful and physically demanding role as the protagonist, Cheryl.

Met Film School spoke to Reese during the London Film Festival 2014 to gain acting advice based from her experiences of making Wild and her career so far:

  1. Choose a subject and story that you find inspiring. The idea of a woman going on a journey completely alone really spoke to me. Could I do that and last all of that time? That’s what I found remarkable about the story and I couldn’t wait to start making the film.
  2. Be prepared to give it your all! There is a scene at the beginning of the film where I am putting up a tent, and failing miserably! That was all real- I didn’t have any idea of what I was doing. The director also thought that the way I was holding myself when walking would only look realistic if I actually carried all of my equipment around with me… let’s just say that I have never been as strong as I was when I finished that movie!
  3. Push yourself in your role. This was definitely the hardest movie that I have ever made. Apart from the physical pain, it was the grief, the divorce and the story of Cheryl that resonated with me and became part of an emotional honesty that I was able to put into the role.
  4. Don’t be afraid to get emotional. It’s a very personal film in a lot of ways. There are aspects that I have been through including divorce and struggles, but for me it was more about finding yourself.

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