Amber Fulwood
8 January 2015

Why study a degree in filmmaking?

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Amber Fullwood is a student on Met Film School’s 2-Year BA (Hons) Practical Filmmaking programme. She gave us us an insight into her life as a student at the school what she loves about the programme. (Request a prospectus for more information on Met Film School’s practical programmes in filmmaking.)

As the BA is 2 years rather than 3 years, Amber feels you really hit the ground running. The first part of the programme offers students a firm foundation in flmmaking before moving to elements covering short films, a web series and feature filmmaking.

  • When describing her first experience on the BA programme she said: “We were given access to equipment straight away, and basically handed a camera and told to film! I believe this is quite a unique approach, because at University there’s the expectation that you’ll be doing a lot of writing and theoretical work before actually starting the practical stuff, but we were trusted to get on with things right away.”Amber found this teachng approach suited her better, as she prefers to be hands-on.
  • A typical day for Amber at Met Film School is immersed in filmmaking: Mornings at the school are a busy time as you are focused on making filmed content,Lunch is spent in the school’s cafe (which is also the student’s common room space), where films are playing in the background so you are continually immersed in film. In the afternoon she returns to filmmaking. Rather than moving from class to class, the teaching approach allows you to get fully immersed in your filmed projects.
  • What Amber liked in particular was the School’s strong industry focus. She says:“Not only are you using industry-standard equipment of film sets, but we are also taught by lecturers who all worked in the industry in some way. Guest speakers also come in to give masterclasses, so there’s a strong emphasis on learning practical skills that are relevant to future careers”

Quotes featured above are taken from Amber’s interview with Ink Pellet Magazine. Read her full interview.

Find out more about Met Film School’s 2-Year BA (Hons) Practical Filmmaking programme by requesting a prospectus here.

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