8 January 2015

Skins to Hollywood: Acting Advice by Jack O’Connell

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Jack O’Connell is a rare breed of actor within today’s film industry. Choosing to divide his time supporting independant film with acclaimed roles in ‘71 , Starred Up and the lead role of Louis Zamperini  Hollywood feature film ‘Unbroken‘ (directed by Angelina Jolie) and people are already whispering about an Oscar. In ’71 Jack took on the complex role of Gary Hook, a British Soldier abondoned by his unit in war-torn Belfast.

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Met Film School spoke to Jack after the premiere of ’71 at the 2014 London Film Festival to gain his acting tips.

  1. What’s your ultimate top tip for actors Jack?
    Know your inspirations. Choose who inspires you and keep your work ethic strong with aspiration.
  2. So who are your inspirations?
    Without a doubt it has to be Stephen Graham and Gary Oldman. They are doing their thing and they keep progressing because of their love for the work. They have been my inspirations from day one, and I tell myself to reach higher because of the quality of work they go on producing.
  3. What would you say to anyone wanting to start their career in acting?
    Just remember that this path has already been laid out and people have walked up and down on it so many times. I remind myself of that every day and it keeps me motivated to reach higher, to keep working and improving on my craft.

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