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8 January 2015

What does the future hold for UK Filmmaking Graduates?

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Met Film School regularly hosts masterclasses with leading figures from the filmmaking world. We recently hosted a masterclass for MA Producing students on future filmmaking trends. Our two guest speakers were Tony Orsten, chief executive of London’s Imaginarium and Paul Bennun CEO of BAFTA company of the year Somethin’ Else.

The Imaginarium has been behind cutting edge motion capture technology used in films such as The Hobbit and Planet of the Apes. Somethin’ Else refuses to be restricted by one medium or one label having created everything from games and web content to commercials, radio and TV shows.

Tony Orsten and Paul Bennun offered key advice, to students looking to forge creative careers upon graduating film school:

  1. Think about how your content will be used  There’s no point creating a piece of film, a short or an advert without considering how the content will be used, shared or talked about. You need to be aware of roles outside of your own specialism too- consider social media, visual effects- you don’t need to be an expert, you just need an understanding of the other processes.
  2. Audience is vital when thinking about content. The question of audience is the key. If you’re not thinking of your audience as peers who can communicate with you, you’re not getting it right. Think of how they are approaching your media as ‘users.’ When multi-channel cable TV was introduced, suddenly we had to think about the audience. It used to be a question of producing content which will pull the advertisers on board, now we have to consider the audience at all times, as well as how they relate to specific content.
  3. Forge a relationship with the client. This is very important. Work with the client to find a balance where the work isn’t compromised and you are able to find solutions together. It’s vital that you listen to your client but be honest about what you think will work.
  4. Filmmaking is story-telling! Tony said that The Imaginarium’s tagline is ‘The Next Generation of Storytelling.’ Everything that you watch tells a story. The skill lies in reading your audience and working out what that story is and the best way to tell it. Andy (Serkis) is a great story-teller because he is a passionate one!
  5. Don’t be scared to be simple… and re-invent your work! Paul said that the tagline of ‘Somethin’ Else’ is: We’re tough on ideas until they are simple and beautiful. Basically- put the user at the heart of what you are doing and make the design process simple. Apple is an example of a company who does that really well. They removed something huge out of their design process (i.e. all of the keys on a mobile phone!) and made their product beautiful and user-friendly. Tony added that also,you shouldn’t be scared to reinvent what you are doing. When you get better at what you do, you’ll be able to iterate on your ideas and really build on them.

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