25 November 2014

Realising Your Filmmaking Dreams

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Author: Jonny Persey, CEO of Met Film School

Last Thursday, Chris Bould, Met Film School’s Head of TV and leader of our multicamera courses, showed me a beautiful piece that his BA programme(BAF12) class had shot that morning (live footage, with no post production – one of a series of inserts that will feature in their final magazine shows). Watch “Austeja Kasakaityte dances” – a BA (Hons) Practical Filmmaking Exercise Photo: from “Austeja Kasakaityte dances”

It’s a 3 minute piece about a cleaner with aspirations to be a dancer. While she’s cleaning the office, the space transforms into a studio as her dream is realised.

The director of the film, Phoebe Saatchi said: “I wanted to experiment with movement and visual narrative. Shooting it was I think as liberating an experience for me and the crew as it was for the dancer, Austeja Kasakaityte – also because of the freedom and pressure in the moment that shooting live provides.”

It must have been a dreamy Thursday, because that evening I interviewed Hollywood producer and manager, David Kanter, who is shooting Bastille Dayat Ealing Studios at the moment – as part of the Met Film School “In conversation with” guest speaker series.  When one student asked a question about realising her dreams, David’s response was that she must focus on the here and now, and not allow herself to be subsumed by her dreams.

Photo: Director David Kanter with Met Film School CEO Jonny Persey
Director David Kantor and Met Film School CEO Jonny Persey
That evening, I went to see Jonathan Munby’s excellent Twelfth Night at the Richmond Theatre and was lucky enough to catch a Q&A with the director and cast after the show. When one audience member asked what he needed in order to be on stage with the cast, one of the actors responded with the message that he should carry on dreaming, because our dreams can become real.
There’s something both wonderful and funny about the difference between the actor’s response and the producer’s response, but actually I think that the actor and the producer are both right.
I think the job of an aspirant filmmaker is to live both realities, and to have in one pocket the dream, the ambition, and the certain knowledge that you will get there. And in the other pocket the more humble reality of your situation in the present.
As I often to say to our students, don’t have the audacity to presume that you can be in control of your destiny, but rather recognise that your career will be a delicate balance of your sense of direction with the many opportunities that the world throws at you. And if you close your eyes in blind pursuit of your dream, you miss out on the very opportunities that will get you there, even if they are more mundane and less exciting. They become the bedrock on which your future rests, and every experience prepares you better for the next.
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