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17 November 2014

MA student screens at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival

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By Paloma Lommel

Paloma Lommel is one of our recent graduates of the MA Directing programme.  For more details on what this course offers, request a prospectus here.

The Aesthetica Short Film Festival

  • It’s really important for film students to screen their work, which is why I was so excited to hear that my short film ‘Little Hurricane’ was accepted to the prestigious Aesthetica Short Film Festival (ASFF) this month.  The first thing that struck me is how impressive the festival is – I arrived in York for the screenings and was astonished at the variety of beautiful and medieval locations around the City. What a great place to host a festival!
  • Every film was screened three times over the course of the festival and mine was running in the charming Reel Cinema alongside short films including the much talked about “Acid Burn”, directed by Matt Greenhalgh and starring Agyness Deyn.little hurricane poster


The Screening of my film

  • The highlight for me was watching my film with a new and unknown audience.  It is the most rewarding experience that you can have as a Director, getting the chance to listen to the different reactions that each audience has towards your film. It’s a learning curve to see if the emotions that you hoped had projected onscreen actually translated with the viewers.

Top Festival Tip for Students 

  • My top tip for any student attending ASFF is to attend the Networking Sessions where filmmakers can interact with leading film organisations. The most rewarding session for me was the “Meet the Film Festivals” event, where I was able to meet a number of representatives from leading film festivals from around the world.  If you’re looking to break into the industry it’s crucial to develop these contacts early on.
  •  The whole experience was a positivie one, and I will definitely be submitting another film for the consideration of the 2015 festival lineup! The ASFF is a magnificent festival where the art of motion picture is highly praised and celebrated in such an engaging way.  To find out more about the festival, see their website and get submitting!


Watch the trailer for Little Hurricane here

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