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19 September 2014

How To Switch Degree Courses

By Cassio | Categorised in News
Have you chosen the wrong degree course or are you currently going through Clearing?  As it turns out, clearing doesn’t have to be a negative process.  For Met Film School student Sarah Yule, Clearing was a blessing in disguise that helped her onto the ladder for a future in filmmaking.
Met Film School still has limited spaces on it’s BA (Hons) Practical FIlmmaking course (2 year and 3 year) starting October 2014.  Contact the Admissions team today to fast track your application:
Call us: +44 20 8280 9119
Email us: info@metfilmschool.co.uk
Sarah had applied to study physics, but realised that she just wasn’t passionate about the subject.  After some careful consideration Sarah knew that she wanted a career in the creative arts, and dreamed of studying filmmaking.
“I had my heart set on Met Film due to the practical nature of their courses. I started my application during the clearing period, and had my interview over the phone on results day. I was terrified! My interviewer was really nice though, telling me to take deep breaths and taking me through the process. We started talking about film, and I thought ‘hold on, I know this! I can talk about this!’ Suddenly the interview became a lot easier, and I was offered a place on the BA Practical Filmmaking course.”
Sarah is also thoroughly enjoying her course. “Studying at Met Film has exceeded my expectations”, she says. “I am so glad that I chose this route instead of studying Physics, like I had originally intended! I now feel that I’m well on my way to my dream of becoming part of a camera team when I graduate.” Sarah is an example of how clearing can provide a golden opportunity to reconsider what you really want to do.
Find out more about Met Film School’s Undergraduate programmes by requesting a free prospectus here.
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