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28 July 2014

Meet the Students: Leslie-Anne Faireshire

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We meet part-time documentary filmmaking student Leslie-Anne Faireshire, a passionate filmmaker who is currently juggling executive-producing feature documentary Six Weeks to Mothers Dayshooting in Thailand, with her studies.  She tells us about her career and why she chose to study with Met.

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  1. How did you get into filmmaking? I always wanted to work within film and suddenly I was at the point in my life where it was time to live my dream and start making films. Following a long career in banking, I made the jump and in 2012 launched my own production company Provocateur Films.  We’re now collaborating with filmmaker Marvin Blunte on the wonderful documentary “6 weeks to mothers day.”
  2. Tell us about the ‘6 Weeks to mothers day” project. The story is so inspiring. It features Thai orphans of various ages who are living in an alternative education school in a remote jungle.  We are documenting them as they prepare to honour their surrogate mother on Mothers Day.  The indiegogo crowdfunding campaign around it became one of the top 4 campaigns at the time and really helped in terms of spreading the word and marketing the film.  It was great.
  3. Why did you choose to study at Met Film School? I chose Met because I needed the technical knowledge behind what I was doing.  I shopped around the various schools, not just in the UK but also in the US (Leslie-Anne is from Florida) and I loved how comprehensive Met Film School is. Since being on the course i’ve become a really well-rounded filmmaker, and my tutor, Caroline,  is a great resource and so supportive.  I call the fellow classmates my “Met Film Family.” We are a great team and are able to collaborate really well together as a result.
  4. What has your experience been on the course? I chose part-time documentary because I needed a practical immersion into the art of filmmaking for documentaries.  It’s changed the way that I think about film in terms of capturing movement, people and life.  It has heavily influenced the involvement I have with ‘6 weeks to mothers day,’ and has been a huge learning curve already.
  5. And what’s next? I love having various projects on the go at any one time, so I’m sure I’ll have projects in the future to tell you about. I’m also planning on taking another class at Met Film School, although it’s hard to choose which one!
To find out more about the ‘6 Weeks to Mothers Day’ documentary, visit their official site here, where the filmmakers post new footage and film news as the shoot progresses!
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