19 June 2014

Behind the scenes of the Opening night of Edinburgh Film Festival

By Cassio | Categorised in Film Festival Diary

For it’s opening night, Edinburgh chose to screen Gerard Johnson’s cop-corruption thriller ‘Hyena.’ Having previously screened work at the Independent festival, Johnson stated last night that it was a “priviledge to now open the festival, which has been such an integral part in supporting our projects and what they are attempting to do within British Cinema.”


“Hyena is a visceral but very powerful film” said Chris Fujiwara, Artistic Director of the festival, “and completely defines what we stand for as a festival.”


The cast were present in what was a packed crowd of cinema fans at the Edinburgh Festival Centre.  “Think of it as a very extreme Batman and Robin film” joked star of the screen Stephen Graham. “It was a pleasure to be part of such a great piece of filmmaking,” he added.


About the Film

Michael Logan – an anti-hero for our times, is a natural predator in the jungle of London’s underworld. This gritty and powerfully bleak view of London crime and corruption within the police force portrays Johnson’s pacing as both organic and adventurous. With the aid of strong, understated performances, he turns what might have been just another genre exercise into something robust and affecting.



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