Met Filmmaking Camp
9 April 2014

What are the first steps into the film industry? Our guide for the filmmakers of the future.

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You love media and drama at school, or perhaps you dabble with making your own short films in your spare time? This passion for the world of film can help to propel you forward into your future career within the film industry and Met Film School have the advice to help you on your way!
  1.   Start nowThe focus for all our courses – whether you are a 15 year old interested in learning more about film or an experienced filmmaker wanting to develop specialist skills – is on practical experience. There is no better way of learning about a craft than just getting involved and giving it a go. So start making your own films and developing your portfolio!
  2. Broaden your skills On a typical film set there will be over 100 different roles. “It is natural that most young people will be interested in the more prominent film roles like directing”, says Met Film School Director Jonny Persey, “but it is only by trying out making their own films that they realise the skill and importance of roles like lighting, editing and cinematography.”
  3.  Get advice from professional filmmakers Finding out more about the industry and what is expected of you is key to developing your own career. On our Summer camp programmes in Filmmaking and Acting for example, students learn from and work with professionals who are experts in their field. At last year’s camp we had a specialist in stunt make-up and an expert fight choreographer run sessions for our students; great fun but also really useful to demonstrate the different facets of the film industry.
 Matyas Bellagamba went on the first Met Young Filmmakers camp at Rugby School in July 2013, he said: “For me the best thing about the experience was that it was professional and a valuable learning experience, but at the same time it was also really fun and enjoyable. It is such a collaborative process working not only with creative fellow students but alongside supportive and enthusiastic tutors who are working in the industry.”
  • At Met Film School we are now in our second year of running a two-week, intensive, residential summer camp for aspiring filmmakers aged 14-17 at Rugby School and this year will also be taking the camp to Marlborough College and adding a Young Actors Camp working alongside the filmmakers.
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