27 February 2014

You Graduated Film School! What’s Next?

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Graduate Sophie Boyce (BA Practical Filmmaking, 2012) has started her entrepreneurial career in the Performing Arts sector, setting up her own company: Spirit Young Performers Company (SYP) last year.  She recently spoke to the Telegraph in this article about the project so far.

Aged 21, Sophie has already had the exposure to believe in her creativity and, fuelled by her passion for performance and media, has carved out her own place within the sector.
In order to promote her company, which specialises in training young people to perform in musical theatre and offers classes in acting for the screen, she decided to use Youtube to present showreels of the class.
A confident filmmaker, Sophie uses a camera crew to film classes and performances to help her students improve and provide an online showreel,
“We are the only company that uses a multi-camera crew. We release both performance videos and behind-the-scenes footage on Youtube. They have received a phenomenal amount of attention.” Sophie adds.
These videos have become a huge hit online with viewers picking their favourite members of the company and requesting song’s they’d like to hear, creating media stars in her students.  One student, 11-year-old Cleo Demetriou, has received a total of 35,000 views for her performance of “Made of Paper”.
Ms Boyce has been acting, directing and screenwriting for most of her life. She made her first feature film at just 11 years old: “I cast all my neighbours in it,” she said. “It took two years to film.”  She started her degree at Met Film School in 2010 and has written scripts for Channel 4’s TV show Skins and edited videos for Hollyoaks.
As YouTube continues to open doors for her, Sophie is keen to hold onto her roots in filmmaking and use this to her advantage as head of the SYP Company; “I have enough experience in film and TV to rival the heads of most performance arts schools.”


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