26 February 2014

Film Directing may be a man’s world, but not for long

By Cassio | Categorised in News
One of our MA in Directing students, Paloma Lommel, is featured in the Guardian this week, talking about aspiring women directors and the changing face of the industry in this article.
Paloma started her filmmaking career at Met Film School on our BA (Hons) Practical Filmmaking, before deciding to specialise in Directing on our Masters Programme.One issue very close to her heart is the male domination in an already very competitive industry and how women are responding to that.
“As an aspiring director, it was fantastic to see Kathryn Bigelow winning the Oscar for best director in 2009 for The Hurt Locker, a film about a bomb disposal unit in Iraq. That said, it is disappointing that it took 80 years for a woman to take home this award.” 
At Met Film School, we strive to encourage all of our students to develop their creative voices and carve out their own path within the industry.  In this article for the Guardian, Paloma credits her time spent at Met as vital in her technical training within the specialist skills needed for her chosen career path. However, she notes, beyond the technical skills of setting a frame, telling a story visually and getting the best performance out of your actors, a lot of the skills that make a good director are similar to those skills needed by women in any leadership role.  She feels prepared to rise up to the challenge of working in a strong position within any creative industry placement she finds herself in when graduating.
“In my experience of working on film sets, I have never felt I have been held back or overlooked because of my gender. I certainly feel as if the last few years have seen a sea change in the number of female directors coming into the public eye and this will hopefully encourage more women to get involved in filmmaking.”  
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