Cinematographer at Met Film School
18 February 2014

5 Top Tips on how to become the best Cinematographer ever!

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Met Film School staff shared their top 5 tips to being a top cinematographer:
  1.  Be a strong (but approachable) member of the team. As a leader you have to take responsibility when working on-set. However there really is nothing worse than a leader who can seem unapproachable. It is important that you are clear with instructions (time is money!) but in the same way being a cheering and positive member of the team. A smile is the key to success!
  2. Learn from your mistakes BA (Hons) Practical Filmmaking student Jamie says “What you put in is what you get out on this course”. The Met Film School ethos is Learn from your mistakes- the cinematography courses at the school are highly practical – and practice makes perfect. Maybe it isn’t you favourite thing to do, or you struggle with the first attempt, but you will get there with the help of your tutors (who are all industry professionals) and your team.  Work hard and your dreams will be within reach!
  3. Don’t over-complicate things. When you are shooting, remember to mark out different spots with tape. It is great to have that support, especially when you are focus-pulling. The actors may feel more comfortable to know where they are going but don’t use too many- it’ll start to make things very confusing!
  4. Sand bags are your best friend. You can use sandbags everywhere on-set, for pretty much everything. For example, the dolly that pulls the camera back and forth can easily be unstable. Put a bunch of sandbags on it and it is a lot easier to use.
  5. Switch roles. It is important to know that everybody in a team has the same level of significance. Switch roles so that you are getting a perspective of how all the various elements of practical filmmaking work.
Our Cinematography students on-set


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