23 January 2014

Met Film School students appear on BBC News London!

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  •  The BBC London news team visited Met Film School this week as part of a feature on the creative Industries.
  • With recent Oscar nominations announcing that London-based black filmmakers director Steve McQueen and actor Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 years a slave) are up for awards, the significance of diversification within the industry is in the forefront of the media.  As the creative industries enjoy a growth, the percentage of those considered to be ethnically diverse within the film production, media and performing arts sectors have actually been experiencing a decline since 2009, according to the Creative Skillset Census.
  • In response, the UK government have been holding talks to target this and improve the situation.  On their visit to Met Film School, the BBC were able to meet with our BA (Hons) Practical Filmmaking students and find out what their thoughts were:
  • With over 80% of Met graduates going on to find industry-relevant work post-graduation, the students are hopeful: “You have to stay positive” says Swedish student Nansu Laine on the topic of finding work after graduation.  “If you work hard enough people will see your potential and hire you.”
  • Current BA Krishnaraj Seenivasan agrees: “As long as I keep at it and I’m doing what I love, I’ll get my big break.”
  • Even though the results from the Creative Skill set census paint a bleak picture, Pat Younge, Former Chief Creative Officer of the BBC suggests that other factors are causing an impact on these statistics: “The industry is much more freelance now, and freelancers are harder to monitor.  Others are moving into different vocations in the creative industries too.”
  • To find out more about the kinds of projects are graduates are working on, visit our blog.
  • Our BA (Hons) Practical Filmmaking degree is now booking for October 2014.  Read more about the practical degree programme on our course page.
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