13 January 2014

Meet the alumni: Six-Month Practical Filmmaking

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Bad Baby is an independent production company founded by Director & Producer duo Christina Hardinge and Amber Victoria Lynch, graduates of Met Film’s Six-Month Practical Filmmaking course.  Based in London, Bad Baby specialises in Short films & Music Videos.

We caught up with them both to find out more about their experiences at Met Film and how their time at Met Film has helped them with their careers to date.

  •  Why did you choose to study Six-Month Practical Filmmaking? Christina: I needed a non-theoretical course in filmmaking that would cover EVERYTHING.  I wanted to be self-sufficient and come away with the confidence to start working professionally, but without dedicating one/two years to study. Amber: Met was the only school I found which would allow me to learn the core skills required within the industry and try my hand at the various roles available, to make sure that producing was really what I wanted to do.
  • What were the highlights of the course? Amber: Our multi-cam class was great- you were forced to work in an intensively professional and efficient manner on-set. There was so much going on that you really had to pull your weight within the team.  It was exhilarating!  We came out of the experience as a very strong and close group of filmmakers. Christina: We were conditioned to value everyone on set and really learn about what everyone else does in his or her role.  I came out with a great appreciation of the craft and the people involved.
  • What was your experience of Met Film School? Amber: Met Film School was the perfect platform to embark on my new career in producing.  The School was very accommodating to us as a group; if we wanted to focus on a particular area of study then the tutors would make that happen.  Our learning was very organic.  We still regularly visit the school. The tutors are always open to meet with us to discuss future projects and give feedback and advice and we genuinely feel supported by the team at the school.  It feels like you have a mentoring system in place.
  • How did you come to work together on Bad Baby Productions? Amber: Through working on various projects during the course it became quickly apparent that we worked well together – we share the same practical attitude towards our work and both brought our own talents to the table. Christina: It’s also very significant that we are two women running the production company, which I think shows in our voice as artists.
  • Tell us about Bad Baby Productions Christina: We work very collaboratively with our artists- we help them to achieve their vision, by creating a treatment that is true to their identity.  Most of the time they don’t really know what they want until we help to create it! Amber: Ideally we would like to grow from making music videos to more short films and eventually feature film (Christina has a great idea for our first feature already!).
  • What’s next? Christina: Met GO are constantly in touch with us about potential projects for the company, including a new music video, which we have already created a treatment for and we hope to develop into a short film.
  • Any advice to those thinking about going into filmmaking? Christina: If you start out with the right mind-set of wanting to make films and dedicate yourself to your projects, you will really see the benefits.  Your education continues if you collaborate and network with those around you. Amber: We continue to work with Met Film School (Amber has recently produced student films for Met) and see the benefits of using the support system that they offer.  Make the most of all your opportunities!

Find out more about Bad Baby Production’s work:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/badbabyfilms

Twitter: https://twitter.com/badbabyfilms

Watch the music video “I AM FYA” here:



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