23 December 2013

Marcus Markou: ‘Papadopoulous & Sons’ Director/Producer provides filmmaking tips

By Cassio | Categorised in Alumni Interviews

Marcus Markou, Part-Time Filmmaking graduate (2010), released his first feature film in 2013, Papadopoulous and Sons, which he wrote, directed, produced and self-distributed.

We recently interviewed him when he came to Met Film School to provide students with a filmmaking masterclass. Marcus met friends Andy Prodromou and Paulyne Antoniou during his time at Met Film School, whom he went on to make Papadopoulous and Sons with.

Papadopoulous and Sons was screened in the UK at Cineworld cinemas and the film was also screened in Germany in 100 cinemas. The film has since been acquired by the BBC. During his interview, Marcus spoke about how filmmakers can find a market for their film at a low budget and his own experiences of self-distribution.




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