Screen Awards 2013
12 November 2013

Screen International Marketing and Distribution Awards 2013

By Cassio | Categorised in Events at Met Film School
Met Film School students were invited to shoot the illustrious Screen Marketing and Distribution awards earlier this month!  The awards were handed out at a glamorous ceremony at Park Plaza Riverbank in London. Broadcaster Edith Bowman hosted the event for the second year.
The Camera Team was made up of past and present Met Film Students: Fiona Teo Rui Wen, Thomas Terminet Schuppon, Edward Whitmarsh and Eric Heurgo.  Isabella Djalili edited.  The video has been very well received by Screen International, and will be widely used for promotional purposes.
Highlights include 20th Century Fox winning Marketing Team of the Year and the Trailer of the Year award going to Sony’s Skyfall.
Screen Editor Wendy Mitchell told the 500 assembled guests: “I’m thrilled that companies and films of all sizes and shapes are honoured tonight. Those can be the indie underdogs but also not overlooking how competitive the studio blockbusters are and how studios also have to keep improving and honing their work…Several judges remarked to me about the high quality of all the entries this year and that it was a shame not all of them could be given prizes. In some of the major categories it came down to just one vote. That’s a testament to the great nominations we had this year.”
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