15 October 2013

Project Wild Thing: David Bond presents his latest Feature Documentary!

By Cassio | Categorised in Alumni Interviews

“This film will change your life” The Guardian


Met graduate David Bond is celebrating the release of Project Wild Thing, a feature documentary looking at the effects of technology on the children of today.
A concerned father who spent his childhood in the great outdoors, Bond embarks on a journey to document how global marketing and the ‘screen dependancy” of the younger generation has led to a fear of the natural world. David appoints himself the “Marketing Director of nature” and, with the help of bemused professionals, he is soon selling nature to the City-Dwellers. Project Wild Thing is an uplifting tale of a man struggling to bring nature back to the British family- but do they want it?
David is an award-winning Documentary director, producer and writer.  He studied on our From Story to Screen in Eight Weeks course and runs award-winning production company Green Lions.
Tickets for Project Wild Thing are on sale now-  Click here for tickets!
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