20 May 2013

Town of Runners Outreach: The Library Project

By Cassio | Categorised in News

Met Film Production’s documentary Town of Runners has helped raise funds to develop Bekoji’s library as an internet resource for the town.  Working with partners Bekoji Youth and Sports Office, the Tesfa Foundation, Ethiopia Reads and Running Across Borders, the film’s producers wanted to use the documentary to support oppurtunities for young people in the small town at the heart of the film.



A computer lab with internet connectivity was installed and the quality of resources were vastly improved, inspiring a hub of education and learning for the next generation in Bekoji.


Using Town of Runners to kick-off fundrasing, this project was also made possible through the Sundance and Bertha Foundations and it doesn’t stop there!  A group of children from St Barnabas School in Oxford are participating in RunJericho to help raise money to sustain the library again this year- if you’d like to donate towards this race, please visit the donation site.


The library is now a main focus for other aspects of the outreach programme, including athlete education and coaching training.  Money raised has already gone onto fund 12 athletes and 3 assistant coaches.


Town of Runners is a feature documentary which tells the story of two young girls living in the rural town of Bekoji in Ethiopia, as they try to run their way to a decent life.  You can watch the whole film on vimeo on demand.


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