18 April 2013

The Great Hip Hop Hoax: Dispelling the myth of the American Dream

By Cassio | Categorised in News

The Great Hip Hop Hoax has hit the festival circuit, and is fast becoming one to watch for 2013!  This feature documentary is a Met Film/ Glimmer Films production and is directed by Jeane Finlay and produced by Al Morow. In addition, two former Met Film School BA grads, Rory Macleod and Ester Cantala, were involved in the making of this film.


In this hilarious documentary we meet Californian hip-hop duo Silibil n’ Brains, who burst onto the scene convinced that they are on their way to make it big in the American Music industry.  What no-one knew was the pair were really students from Scotland, with fake American accents and made up identities.  The performance and reaction from everyone they meet underpins the legacy of fame, and focuses on the disregard for truth within our society; the pursuit of the American Dream is shown through those who had never been to America.


Following its SXSW premiere this month, Kaleidoscope Film Distribution has recently jumped onboard to acquire worldwide rights to the film following a glowing review; “The Great Hip Hop Hoax is unforgettable and hugely entertaining.  Jeanie demystifies a seemingly impossible story about two Scots who fooled the music industry, while subtly questioning what it means to be genuine”.  Producer Al Morow has added: “Glimmer and Met are really thrilled by Kaleidoscope’s passion and plans for The Great Hip Hop Hoax and we’re looking forward to seeing the film reach a global audience.”


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