12 October 2012

Stephen Frears Masterclass

By Cassio | Categorised in Events at Met Film School
This week we had the pleasure of hosting a Masterclass with Director Stephen Frears.
Having Directed cult hits such as My Beautiful Launderette, Dirty Pretty Things and The Queen, Frears has been ranked #63 on the 2008 Telegraph’s list of “the 100 most powerful people in British culture.”  In the flesh, he is both charmingly modest and brutally honest about the filmmaking industry as he touched on his career so far.
Having started out studying Law at Cambridge University, Frears went on to learn his craft whilst working at the BBC.  He spoke of the culture there during post-war Britain that inspired a new generation of filmmakers, including Ken Loach.  For Frears, the drive to make films lay in finding new narratives previously untold, “for me, it’s a new world and that’s what’s interesting.  Find an untouched subject, like the Queen, and create a Universe around that.”
Having directed six women to acting Oscar nominations, including Michelle Pfeiffer and Helen Mirren, Frears hails his cast, crew and screenwriters as the reason behind the success of his films, insisting that his talent lies in directing from the unconscious, and relying on instinct to tell the story the way it needs to be told.  Regardless, Frears has been nominated for both an Oscar (Best Achievement in Directing) and a BAFTA (the David Lean Award for Direction) for The Queen.
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