10 September 2012

Meet the Alumni – Egija Zviedre

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Our Meet the Alumni series is designed to give you an insight into what our recent graduates are up to and their experience at the Met Film School.


This week we meet Egija Zviedre who studied Acting for Film Level 1.



Why did you choose to study at Met Film School?


I was living in Latvia and looking for a film course in London, Met Film School seemed the perfect option because of the intensity of the courses and the great facilities that they offered. The course highlights what to expect from working in the film industry and offers a true reflection of working on a set.


How would you describe your time at the School?


It was the most amazing experience! I had such amazing tutors and all my classmates were so friendly. We where always put in the spotlight and as a result I learned ways to improve my work and deal with constructive feedback.


What was the highlight of the course?


I think the highlight of the course is its dynamic, hands on approach, which keeps students excited and very busy! Every day I learned so much and every day was different. You have to make every day count if you want to achieve something, in the film industry and in real life.


What were the advantages of being taught by industry professionals?


They give a real insight into the industry. You also gain confidence by dealing with people that are accredited and know exactly what they are talking about.


What projects have you worked on since completing your course?


I have worked on several things since I left the course. About fifteen short films, numerous music videos, fifteen commercials and completed three feature films.  I have recently just finished a film called CRUX, it’s a horror film where I star as Jo alongside the Hollyoaks star Shaun Blackstock. You can watch the trailer here: http://www.cruxmovie.com/. Also check out my new sci-fi film called Modification, which shall be released on the 12th of September, 2012.


How can we get in touch with you? 


You can drop me an email on egija.zviedre@gmail.com

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