19 June 2012

Meet the Alumni – Jon Olav Stokke

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We met Norwegian graduate Jon Olav Stokke 2-Year BA (Hons) Practical Filmmaking, 2011 to find out more about his experiences at Met Film School and learn more about what he’s doing now.



Why did you choose the BA course at the Met Film School?

I decided to study at Met Film School after looking into attending a film school in Norway. Most of them didn’t offer a two-year BA course and the ones that did were extremely theory based. I’ve always wanted to study film, and I’ve always wanted to study in London, so Met Film School was the obvious choice.

How would you describe your time at the School?
My time at Met Film School was great. I was able to work with like-minded students and my English improved immensely. Going to a school based in Ealing Studios ,where films are constantly being made, was brilliant. Great teachers, and great students – I had a fantastic time!
What was the highlight of the course?
For me learning about directing and editing were the highlights. The short film module was also great as I was really able to challenge myself. My short film screening was scheduled four to five months into my first year, and everything I studied during those first few months enabled me to prepare for that short film production.
Do you have any links to your Met Film School projects?
The Station Master
– A short film I directed, and also my graduation film at Met Film School. It has been accepted to 18th Palm Springs International ShortFest, screens, June 24th 2012. http://vimeo.com/43666893 (Trailer)
Grandma’s Tea Party – A Wiseman Told Me
– A music video I directed in March 2012. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7Lj_8OO9kM&sns=em
Yolanda Selini – Play me like a DJ 
– A music video I directed in May 2011. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGexaX7GOvM&sns=em
A Farmer’s Land
– A short documentary I directed as an assignment at Met Film School. I shot the documentary in Norway, and it has been screened at five film festivals. Unfortunately there is no link to this film yet, but will be on my Vimeo page in a month or so (http://vimeo.com/norwegianjon)
The Fellow – Who decides 
– A music video I directed in May 2010. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfGzZgaZYy4&sns=em
What were the advantages of being taught by industry professionals?
I had the luxury of being taught directing by Jim O’Brien. He helped me a lot during pre-production and the shoot of my graduation film, answering the millions of questions I would bombard him with! He believed in my short film and me and wanted to help in any way he could. He had so much knowledge to impart, and I feel I’m still learning from him now, by watching all of his work.
I also gained work experience at Met Film School’s postproduction company: Met Post and that experience taught me everything I now know about post-production, enabling me to take care of the post-production of my own music videos. I also know how to get a film ready for online editing.
I normally edit my own music videos, and I can’t thank my editing teacher Anuree De Silva enough, she showed me the way editing should be done. I’ve been very lucky to make so many contacts through Met Film School. Robin Vidgeon taught me camera, but I never got the hand of those damn lights!  There are so many people who positively influenced me during my time at Met Film School, it’s impossible to mention everyone!
What projects have you worked on since completing your course?
I’m currently scheduled to direct a music video in Norway. I’ve directed a music video for the young, unsigned band, Grandma’s Tea Party.  When I’m not directing I spend a lot of time in post-production, doing online and offline editing on my own and other peoples projects. I also freelance for Met Film Post in London.
How can we get in touch with you?
I can easily be contacted through:
Twitter: @norwegianjon
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