24 April 2012

Town of Runners

By Cassio | Categorised in News

Dan Demissie’s film Town of Runners launched in UK cinemas on Friday April 20th. The film tells the story of two young girls, living in the rural town of Bekoji in Ethiopia, as they try to run their way to a different life. 
Narrated by their friend Biruk, it follows their highs and lows over three years as they try to become professional athletes. Through their struggle, the film gives a unique insight into the ambitions of young Ethiopians living between tradition and the modern world.

The film is already causing quite a stir, receiving a rousing response at its premier at Tribeca Film Festival on Sunday evening and some great reviews in the press – it’s worth checking out the six-page spread from last Saturday’s Guardian Weekend.
The initial idea for Town of Runners was formed a few years ago when Dan Demissie was studying on Met Film School’s One-Year Practical Filmmaking programme. A few months later, whilst Dan was interning at Met Film Production he pitched the idea to Al Morrow, our lead documentary producer. Four years on, following an Olympian effort, Al and Dan have successfully produced the film in close collaboration. Town of Runners is directed by Jerry Rothwell (Deep Water, Heavy Load, Donor Unknown), and post-production was completed in-house at Met Film Post. This project sums up Met Film School’s mission, as it is a true example of the blurring of boundaries between film education and industry.
Details on Town of Runners screenings are available HERE. Met Film will also screen the film as part of a Q&A Masterclass during May.
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