2 April 2012

Meet the Alumni – Egill Kristbjörnsson

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Our Meet the Alumni series is designed to give you an insight into what our recent graduates are up to and their experience at the Met Film School. 

This week we meet Egill Kristbjörnsson who studied the Met Film School intensive two-year degree.
Why did you choose your course at the Met Film School?
There are a couple of reasons why I choose the 2 year BA course at Met Film School. First of all I had been working in Icelandic TV for a couple of years but on very formulaic content like talent shows (X-Factor, Idol etc.) and sports (live football, basketball etc.) and it felt very creatively restraining.
That´s when I started looking for a school to take me to the next level and after a long and thorough search I applied for Met Film School and LA Film School. I got accepted in both but the fact that I could do the BA in two years, stay in Europe and study with both top quality tutors and equipment sounded perfect to me.


How would you describe your time at the School?

The two years at Met Film School were in one word intense. That is the best way to prepare you for this business, because it’s very intense to say the least. It is a very “hands on” course which I liked very much because I had a big technical background and usually scored high in those modules. The theory modules were a bit trickier for me but that was the stuff I was missing to become a proper filmmaker. You have to be able to back up each and every decision while making a film and to do that you need to know the theory.



What was the highlight of the course?

The highlight of the course was the screening night of the graduation films. To see your final product after two years of work on the big screen is indescribable. That´s where you realize the progress of yourself and all your class mates.


Do you have any links to your Met Film School projects (youtube link, url)?

This is my first shortfilm ever, my project for Digital Production.

It´s called “Damn it feels good to be a Gangsta” and I wrote, directed,  produced, edited, wrote and performed all the music. You can even hear me rap during the credits (believe me I´m not a rapper) ;) You can see it here.



What were the advantages of being taught by industry professionals?

Being taught by industry professionals was a huge advantage because they know what they are talking about and they know what it takes to go  anywhere in this business. That´s why you start straight away to think and behave like a professional and that´s what employers want to see  when you´re applying for jobs.



What projects have you worked on since completing your course?

It´s only two months since I completed my course but since then I have worked a lot for a company called Peachy Production as an AV supervisor at Stamford Bridge (Chelsea FC stadium). I´m mostly setting up and directing multicam systems for events (conferences, meetings, panels etc.) and pre/post produce video content. I also run my own Production company with three other friends and we mostly work on music videos and documentaries, here is one music video I co-directed and edited.

How can we get in touch with you? 
My e-mail is egill@localice.is
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