Alan Lewis
1 April 2012

Meet the Tutors – Alan Lewis

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Our Meet the Tutor series is designed to give you an insight into our tutors and their experience at the Met Film School. 
Meet Alan Lewis, Head of Visual Effects and Animation at Met Film School, a 3D artist and compositor with over 12 years experience in the CG industry. Alan is the course leader of our One-Year Visual Effects and Animation and our BA (Hons) Film, Visual Effects & Animation.

  • What/Which courses do you teach at the Met Film School? I teach a variety of visual effects and animation modules. We use a combination of Maya for 3D and Nuke for compositing as our primary tools.
  • What is one thing about your field of expertise or filmmaking in general that excites you?  Visual effects production is always evolving in weird and wonderful ways. It’s amazing what you can make pixels do if you treat them nicely!
  • Do you have any links to your past/current projects (youtube link, url)? Nothing recent enough, but a couple new projects are in the works so stay tuned!
  • How would you describe your time teaching at the School? What do you think is the most challenging element of the course you teach?  It’s great to work in a film school. A lot of animation and visual effects courses at university aren’t actually offered within a film department. Interacting with other film students adds a truly collaborative element to the programme.
  • What are the key attributes you look for in a student? A desire to tell stories and a knack for unconventional problem solving. It’s definitely an unusual combination of skills.
  • Any useful tips for aspiring filmmaker? Well, as a visual effects person my advice is to collaborate with as many filmmakers as possible; don’t work in a bubble! Get as much on-set experience as possible to understand where the footage you’re working on actually comes from, and what it took to acquire it.

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