12 August 2011

New Visual Effects Courses

By Cassio | Categorised in News

Visual effects and animation expertise are fast gaining an essential place in current film production. These skills enable groundbreaking projects such as Avatar or Inception to become a reality, whilst offering access to more subtle storytelling techniques such as changes in weather, or altering a character’s physical appearance. The uses of visual effect and animation are wide-ranging and applicable across the filmmaking landscape, therefore we believe it is essential that the skills are taught in an integrated filmmaking environment.

As a result we’ve developed three new six-month programmes.

1) Visual Effects for Film: The topics covered during this intensive period of study are all based on standard production pipelines used within the industry. The course covers four key areas, each of which focuses on core skills. These areas include: Introduction to Maya and Nuke Software Training, Live Action Integration, FX Simulation and Digital Compositing.

2) Digital Animation: This course encourages a team-driven production and learning environment, intended to foster and reinforce the highly interdependent production processes used within the film and visual effects industries. The programme includes introductory training on essential software such as Maya and Nuke, whilst examining workflow issues such as the animation production pipeline, creature production pipeline and animation production.

3) Applied Visual Effects and Animation: This programme requires that you have a working knowledge of Maya and Nuke compositing software. The goal of this particular course is to enable you to complete or improve your demo reel in a highly energised production environment. You will be encouraged to identify and develop a key specialist skill of your own, whilst broadening your core set of entry-level, generalist skills.

If you are interested in our six-month courses but not sure which course will suit you best, Request A Prospectus or give us a call on +44 20 8280 9119 and our enrolments team will talk you through the various options.

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