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20 July 2011

Meet the Tutors – Helen McGregor

By Cassio | Categorised in Industry Interviews

Our Meet the Tutor series is designed to give you an insight into our tutors and their experience at the Met Film School. 

This week we meet Helen McGregor who’s Head of Screen Arts at Met Film School 
What/Which courses do you teach at the Met Film School?
Moving Narratives, Movements in Film, Documentary Theory, Genre, and Experimental Film and Videos.
  1.  What is one thing about your field of expertise or filmmaking in general that excites you?  I love history and ideas, films and the context of their production and i love the fact that given that film is only 115 odd years old you can get a real grasp of its totality, even on a world scale, unlike literature and other arts which are so vast it is hard to get a overall view of them.
  2. Do you have any links to your past/current projects? No, but I have  facebook page called Now is the Winter which is my latest ongoing theatrical project – a one woman version of Shakespeare’s Richard III that will next be performed as part of Brighton May Festival
  3. How would you describe your time teaching at the School?  What do you think is the most challenging element of the course you teach?  I would describe it as rewarding, and fun and challenging – each student brings a new challenge and i learn a great deal from them – it is always great to be constantly revising my thoughts and refreshing my knowledge and understanding of both films and film theories
  4. What are the key attributes you look for in a student? Well ones that turn up is always a good start! An open mind is the most important thing, without it you can’t learn anything!
  5. Any useful tips for aspiring filmmaker? Get to know your talent – what are your strengths and weaknesses?  And play to your strengths. And be prepared to work very very hard and to take criticism and rejection on board without internalising it and allowing it to cripple your creativity. After a critical blow or rejection get straight back on the creative horse and go for it again!
  6. How can we get in touch with you? Email: 
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