9 March 2011

Meet the Tutors – Mark Barrs

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Our Meet the Tutor series is designed to give you an insight into our tutors and their experience at the Met Film School. 

This week we meet Mark Barrs who teaches Cinematography at Met Film School. 
What/Which courses do you teach at the Met Film School?
I teach Cinematography on the BA (Hons) Practical Filmmaking, One-Yearand Part-Time courses.



What is one thing about your field of expertise or filmmaking in general that excites you? 

The main thing that makes cinematography exciting is that it is always developing and changing.



Do you have any links to your past/current projects (youtube link, url)?

Becks and DJ Cheeba commercial.



How would you describe your time teaching at the School?  What do you think is the most challenging element of the course you teach? 

My time teaching at the MET is a mixture of the theory and the practical with a strong emphasis on the practical elements,getting your hands on the camera and lights.



The challenges change group to group but it’s usually trying to excite people into using light to tell their stories.



What are the key attributes you look for in a student?

An ability to think outside of the box but to be able to work within a group or crew. Filming is usually not a solitary job!



Any useful tips for aspiring filmmaker?

It’s a boring tip but will and does help, preparation is key, that and stunning ideas.



How can we get in touch with you? 

You can email me at markbarrs@me.com

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