19 January 2011

Meet the Alumni – Chris Dundon

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Our Meet the Alumni series is designed to give you an insight into what our recent graduates are up to and their experience at the Met Film School. 

This week we meet Chris Dundon who studied  From Story to Screen in Eight Weeks.
Why did you choose your course at the Met Film School?
I decided to enroll on the 8 week screenwriting course as I was keen to learn the art of filmmaking and felt the opportunity to write, direct and edit my own film in such a supportive environment was just what I needed. I looked closely at the tutors and felt who better to teach me than industry professionals who had been there and done it (and still are). Learn to edit in an open lab environment with tutor demonstrations was also an important factor in my choice as I wanted to be able to have proper access to the staff and technicians.



How would you describe your time at the School?

The Met Film School gave me the perfect platform to begin filmmaking; I found the environment so accommodating and encouraging. There is a real buzz of creativity around the place and being at Ealing Studios everyday was also really exciting. There was always a member of staff to help and offer their experience during production time, which was really important to me, as I was new to filmmaking.



What was the highlight of the course?

The highlight of the course for me was the chance to work one to one with a professional script editor and learn the dynamics of story and script writing. I learnt about structure, conflicts and sub text during the meetings and classes. These are skills and experiences I still draw upon today as I continue to write my first feature screenplay.



Do you have any links to your Met Film School projects (youtube link, url)?

I don’t have a link to my project I’m afraid; I only have it on DVD.



What were the advantages of being taught by industry professionals?

There are many advantages to being taught by industry professionals but the main one was that you could learn from their experiences. I remember my tutor talking about his film and the challenge of making it; he offered a great insight into the potential obstacles we may face during our shoot. This allowed me to be more prepared and to think on feet confidently at all times. It’s also great to have the support of professional camera and sound crew when making your film.



What projects have you worked on since completing your course?

Finishing the course with a film I had written, directed and edited gave me a strong show reel and within a few weeks I got my first industry job as an assistant editor. I am still making films and recently wrote and directed, theUK Film Council funded short ‘bro’ – watch it here. The film has had great success and screened at over 20 festivals worldwide, including in competition at five Academy Award accredited ones.


My next short film is a collaboration between the UK Film Council and Bigger Pictures at Elstree Studios, it’s due to be completed by the end of January. This year will see me write my first feature film as well as direct another 35mm short film.



How can we get in touch with you? 

Website: www.chrisdundon.com

Email: cwdundon@gmail.com / chris@chrisdundon.com


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