14 September 2010

Walkers ‘Extra Crunchy’ Film Competition!

By Cassio | Categorised in News

Walkers have launched a short-film competition for Walkers Crisps to celebrate the launch of their new ‘Extra Crunchy’ range. You can film your short on anything, from a mobile to webcam or camcorder.

The competition is called ‘Take One, Pass It On’ and involves crisp fans from all over the UK helping to create a ‘never-ending’ bag of crisps. The idea is simple; upload a video showing how you share your Extra Crunchy in the most fun and creative way and Walkers will randomly edit the best ones together so it looks like the bag is being passed from one person to the next.



Prizes range from free crisps, to a digital camcorder, to £1,000 in cash. More info and details on how to enter can be found here.



Check out this demo to inspire you!

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