25 June 2010

Check Out Skeletons – July 2nd!

By Cassio | Categorised in Events at Met Film School

Brit film Skeletons will have its first London screening on July 2nd at theRenoir Cinema. The film was edited by Rachel Tunnard, Editor from the Met Film Production Little Ashes starring Robert Pattinson and visiting tutor at the Met Film School.
The film has recently been selected as best of the festival at Edinburgh Film Festival and has garnered some fantastic reviews from the British press. You can book your tickets from Curzon Cinemas
To find out more about Skeletons visit skeletonsthemovie.com. Show your support for the movie by joining the facebook page!
**** (Four Stars) Total Film
“Skeletons is a fresh, original British comedy that manages to pack a tight emotional punch to boot.” **** (Four Stars) Reel Scotland
“The major cause for excitement on the first day’s ‘voyage of discovery’ was Skeletons…”  Daily Telegraph
“Echoes of Being John Malkovich infused with lots of dry british humour… Terrific”  Radio 5 Live
“like Bunuel directing Derek & Clive, like Dali makes Tarantino. Incredibly funny, incredibly English – you’ve got to go and see it” Jason Isaacs

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