14 May 2010

MFS student meets British and Filmmaking Royalty!

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Ismail al Qaisi, a student currently studying on the Met Film School BA (Hons) Practical Filmmaking programme was recently given the fantastic opportunity to meet and interview Star Wars creator George Lucas and deliver a speech at Buckingham palace.

Ismail is part of the Films Without Borders initiative, which gives young people from Israel, Palestine and Rwanda the chance to learn filmmaking. Originally from Palestine, Ismail’s work with Films Without Borders has given him the unique opportunity to not only meet major industry figures, but support young Palestinian filmmakers whilst raising awareness in the British industry.

Lucas had great words of encouragement for Ismail, stating that he believed that ‘anyone who can tell a story can be a filmmaker’ that the process is about ‘self-belief and education’. Lucas went on to say that he keeps a keen eye on the work of up-and-coming filmmakers, admitting that in the modern world all it takes is access to a computer for filmmakers to apply great special effects to their projects.

During their visit to Buckingham Palace Ismail and his fellow filmmakers got the chance to rub shoulders with self-confessed film fan The Earl of Wessex and legendary Bond actor Roger Moore. But more importantly it gave Ismail the opportunity to deliver a speech as representative for filmmakers in Palestine. When asked what he had gained from his involvement with Films Without Borders, Ismail said it was; “To believe in myself. The best thing is being able to help young Palestinian filmmakers and get the chance to meet George Lucas and The Earl of Wessex whilst being able to represent my country at Buckingham Palace”.

After completing his BA at the Met Film School Ismail will continue his fantastic work with Films Without Borders by heading to Palestine to share his experience, teaching filmmaking to young people in an intensive one-month programme.

You can read the press write-ups of the Films Without Borders event at The Belfast Telegraph, The Daily Express, CNN and Screen Daily


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