29 January 2010

Review: Introduction To Final Cut Pro

By Cassio | Categorised in News

I completed the Met Film School short course, Introduction to Final Cut Pro as an attempt to learn how to edit video content for work. Having zero editing experience and little clue on what Final Cut Pro involved, i was sceptical that a two-day stint was going to leave me much the wiser. What’s more, i was convinced that even if i did manage to make some progress in class, it would soon be forgotten once the teacher had left the room.
However, I was nicely surprised. Over the course of two days we went through an amazing amount of techniques, information and procedures. There was a guidebook given out but we barely looked at this, instead taking a hands-on approach with the ‘how-to’ guide remaining a reference for once the class was over.


We covered the full scope of how to set up, complete and finish and project. As such i now feel confident completing my own mini-movie, kitted out with credits, a decent soundtrack and a couple of effects thrown in for good measure. Even better, i can make editing decisions based on what works and what i think looks best, not just limited to what i know i can do.
Aside from achieving what i needed to for work the course has inspired me to have a go at editing for fun, which is a far more creative outcome than i had expected. I would totally recommend this course for a range of reasons, not least because it does what so many ‘introductory’ courses fail to do – provide a well-rounded package in itself. I know there’s loads more to know aboutFCP, but I’m happy with the experience i gained and confident enough to tackle my own projects.

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