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Three-Day Virtual Production

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Start Date & Pricing


3 days

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This intensive three-day course delves into the dynamic realms of Virtual Production and Unreal Engine.

This course is delivered in association with our partners at Garden Studios, and is meticulously designed to cater to professionals and enthusiasts alike, fostering an inclusive environment suitable for participants at any skill level.


Why Take the Course?

Why Take the Course?

Over the course of three days, students will gain a robust understanding of Virtual Production and Unreal Engine, covering the full spectrum, from foundational principles to advanced techniques. The course goes beyond theory, providing a practical foundation for the future of Virtual Production.

The course will allow you to:

  • Acquire comprehensive knowledge of Virtual Production and Unreal Engine
  • Engage in practical, hands-on training with industry-standard tools and technologies
  • Gain insights into In-Camera Visual Effects (ICVFX), including nDisplay, Genlock, colour pipelines, and Multi-User functionalities

What you will study

What you will study

The following list is an overview of the topics and themes covered in Three-Day Virtual Production. For more information, please download the course outline below.


Get to grips with the fundamentals. Discover what Virtual Production is, explore its inner workings, and unravel the myriad benefits it brings to the filmmaking table. Take a tour of Garden Studios, where real-world examples showcase the possibilities of Virtual Production.

Dive deep into key technologies and concepts that lay the foundation for the immersive journey ahead.

VP Cinematography

Explore the essential aspects of virtual camera operation, including: control, exposure, depth of field, optics, filters, power, and rigging.

Students will engage in practical, hands-on training, focusing on the utilisation of the tracking system.

In-Camera Visual Effects (ICVFX)

Gain an understanding behind the fundamentals of ICVFX, encompassing nDisplay, Genlock, colour pipelines, and Multi-User functionalities.

Students will learn through hands-on training, allowing them to gain practical experience with ICVFX software and tools.

Virtual Art Department

Gain a solid grasp of the essentials. Explore the realm of visual art direction, including: virtual set design, illuminating digital sets, optimising scenes, and understanding individual roles within the creative process.

Virtual Production Workflows

Embark on a comprehensive overview of the complete virtual production workflow, covering pre-production, production, and post production.

This section serves as an opportunity to consolidate and reinforce the knowledge acquired throughout the course.

Test Shoot

Time to bridge theory with hands-on practice. Students will engage in a practical test shoot, where they will assume control of cameras, lights, and Unreal Engine.

Guided by the experienced team at Garden Studios, this experience ensures that students not only gain knowledge, but also develop the proficiency to navigate a virtual production scenario with confidence.


Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements for London

Minimum Age: 18 at the start of the course.

This course is open enrolment and there are no entry requirements.

In order to get the most out of the course, you should be able to both speak and write in English to a reasonable standard.

Please be aware that we have a limited number of places available for each course intake and operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Duration and Location

  • Duration: 3 days, usually between 10am and 5pm.
  • Location: Garden Studios.

Application Information

For more information on the Three-Day Virtual Production course, please visit: