Brexit Storytelling Challenge – Winning Entrants

Brexit Storytelling Challenge – Winning Entrants

As Theresa May triggers Article 50 and Brexit negotiations officially begin, we’d like to share two short films written and brought to life by talented storytellers with the help of MetGo. These two films are based on the winning scripts of our Brexit Storytelling competition. Whether you’re a Brexit supporter or opponent, join us to watch these powerful stories that reflect on the historic vote that took place last year.

A Silent Voice – Alex Dewing, writer and winner:

“My story reflects my own personal experience as a 16 year old regarding the right to vote during the Referendum. What I saw among my friends and classmates was frustration, but it wasn’t directed at their peers with opposing views but instead at the Government for simply not listening to what we wanted. The main objective of the idea is to put into context how ridiculous it is that 16-17 year olds in the UK weren’t allowed a vote, when Scottish people of this age group were allowed to vote in the 2014 Scottish Referendum and the National Assembly for Wales plan on lowering their voting age in the future.”

So What Now? – Andrés Seara, writer and winner:

“My story compares the situation between the UK and the EU with a personal relationship. In the relationship people rarely share every single opinion. They disagree as they are often guided by emotional impulses. Brittany, an English woman, and Adrian, a man from the EU, share a long term personal relationship but Brittany decides to give up, and continue her life alone. What should she expect out there? Nobody knows. The story breaks the expectations of reality and common logic, followed by an emotionally tense situation to reach a calm and disturbing silent point, where nothing happens, but emotions have not yet disappeared.”

About Met Film's Brexit Storytelling Challenge

Soon after the referendum result nine months ago, we set ourselves, our alumni, students and prospective students a challenge. We asked them to create an idea for a film about Brexit to help us navigate the fragmentations that the vote exposed in our society, and the shock waves that the result sent around the world. Independent of political perspective, we wanted storytellers to help us make sense of the uncertainty. For Met Film School, the challenge underlined the importance of the role storytellers play as society’s therapists in reflecting what our communities say and do back at them. For the storytellers themselves, it’s a way of being proactive even when we’re not sure how to make a difference. We’re proud to be launching these films today!

After receiving a record number of submissions, Met Film’s judging panel chose two of the most interesting and original ideas, one from our current student and alumni body and one from non students and alumni. These were entries created by high school student Alex Dewing and our MA Screenwriting student Andrés Seara. As a prize, Alex and Andrés received a place on a Met Film School short course as well as an opportunity to work with Met GO’s creative team on the production of their videos.


Andrés Seara:
“The script I submitted to the competition was taken by an impressive team brought together by MetGo (Met Graduate Opportunities Department). The director Sam Ainsworth and the producer Jos Grootjans welcomed me onboard at the very beginning of the production. Together we developed my script further and created several drafts before we got satisfied by the final result. The evolution was enormous from the first fist script to the final one.”


Alex Dewing:

“When I found out about that I won, I may or may not have squealed and then told my dog. I’m looking forward to doing my Four-Week Filmmaking course and hoping to develop my skills in practical filmmaking as a whole, there are lots of aspects which I simply haven’t done before. I’m also looking to discover a specific area of filmmaking that I really enjoy and feel I could pursue in greater detail.