Part-Time Filmmaking

Part-Time Filmmaking is a course designed for those who want to access intensive practical filmmaking training, but can only commit to a part-time schedule.

It is ideal for those considering a change of career, who want to explore their potential as a writer or director, or those who have a feature film idea and want to crate a sort promotional film to help raise finance for the next stage of development.

Studying this course will provide students with a full range of filmmaking skills, culminating in the production of a short film, that students will write, direct and edit. Classes will take place over a combination of evenings and weekends.

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Graduate Interview: Marcus Markou, Part-Time Filmmaking graduate & feature filmmaker.

Part-Time Filmmaking Graduate

  • Marcus Markou
    Marcus Markou
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    “I loved Met Film School because it was a practical filmmaking course, being thrown in the deep end. The course gave me a huge boost of confidence.”

Learning Goals

  1. Understand the process of making a film from script development through to directing and postproduction.

  2. Gain an understanding of the key visual storytelling tools of a director.

  3. Be able to achieve a high level of proficiency using essential filmmaking equipment.

  4. Know how a director prepares for a shoot and how to manage a cast and crew during production.

Start Dates & Prices

  • 23 September 2015 — 30 March 2016
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    Time: Every Wednesday Evening (7pm – 10pm) and every other Saturday (10am – 5pm).

    Minimum Age: 18 at start of course

    Entry Requirements: The Part-Time Filmmaking course is open enrolment and there are no entry requirements.

    Duration: Six Months Part-Time

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