“The part-time acting for film course was an incredible valuable experience.  In depth classes and guest lectures from industry professionals touched upon all aspects of film acting.  ‘Take risks, don’t ever play safe’  is the main advice from our tutor that I’ve taken from the course, and very much looking forward to applying in future projects.”

Lia Albers, Part-Time Acting (level 1), 2014

Met Film School offers powerful insight not only into what goes on in front of the camera, but also what goes on behind the camera. This expert knowledge taught by industry professionals will give you an experience like no other. Take part in short films, learn what you need to understand about how a set works and, get expert constructive feedback and professional coaching. Met Film will equip you with the skills to help you give the ultimate performance on screen.

Students are given opportunity to be taught by an acting coach and professional film director. They will act in numerous filmed exercises that will be discussed in class, giving our students the chance to see how their technique is progressing.

During shoots, students gain from the behind-the-scenes experience needed by professional actors, which not only improves their working knowledge of what to expect on a film set, but also improves their ability to deliver on set and work with filmmaking professionals to achieve what is needed within the scene.

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